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Jim Grillo from said "I call these guys UpBeat... but the past few years I call them 'Overtime' because the client always wants more..."

UpBeat Band opens for Lionel Richie at McCormick Place Convention Center, attendance 8500 for the Society of Human Resource Managers

Photography by Joanna Kozek

Our versatile five piece group, the UPBEAT BAND, is one of Chicago's most exciting and creative party bands, offering a high energy live performance with variety to ensure that once the party begins, it never stops. Our well balanced song medleys seamlessly segue from one song to another, and are designed to pack your dance floor with dramatic momentum – we call it dance party by design.

Classics. Contemporary. Customized.
We musically connect with our audience. With our commitment to customized event planning, we put great care in organizing tasteful music selections, specialized arrangements, and dance party concepts that really bring your event to life. From Sinatra to Santana, we offer a balanced mix of todays latest, and classics spanning the last five decades, including swing/jazz, R&B, Motown, Rock, Funk, Disco, Salsa, ballads, and contemporary. With our insight, experience, and preparation, we make sure all the important music and production details planned for your important special event are executed perfectly.

Weather your event is a wedding, corporate party, gala, ball or festival, creating a distinctive, fun, and memorable party atmosphere is what we do – and with five members all lead vocalists and multi-instrumentalists, we achieve a dynamic, polished sound at the best value in Chicago.

Planning a corporate event?
View our Client List here. Learn how we can help you choose and plan the best entertainment options for your event.

Planning a wedding?
Learn how we can help you plan your ceremony music and plan music and hosting for your reception party. Your wedding should be a joyous occasion–and planning your wedding should not be stressful. Our Chicago wedding band helps organize the process, making music preparation fun, simple, and thorough. Read our reviews and articles on Martha Stewart Weddings.

The UpBeat Band headlines at Chicago's Meeting and Hospitality Industry Bash.

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Photography by Joanna Kozek

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